Company Where we came from determined who we are and guides us where we are going.

A family legacy since the 1930's

The American oil and gas industry is rich in storied visionaries who with nerve, moxie and determination, seized opportunities they recognized and created opportunities when none were apparent. Such were the men who, more than 70 years ago, laid the blueprint for what O'Brien Energy Company is today.

The oil boom that blessed Shreveport and North Louisiana, and later East Texas, was in full roar in the early 1930's when William O'Brien moved from Arkansas to join his brother Raymond in staking a claim in the oil patch.  Three other O'Brien brothers soon followed, and together the five O'Briens embraced opportunities, created many of their own, and established a foothold in the prolific fields of East Texas and Louisiana.  The O'Brien brothers (who had the leases) teamed with B.B. Jones (who had the cash) to establish Jones-O'Brien, Inc., an exploration and production company that would weld the O'Brien name to the oil and gas industry through three generations for the next 70-plus years.

To say the original Jones-O‘Brien venture was a success is a woeful understatement. In fact, some of their original leases in East Texas are still producing in commercial quantities. The O'Brien Family built on that success through the following decades and another generation. With William J. O'Brien, Jr. on board with his father, the O'Briens extended their reach and reputation in the oil patch by establishing three additional oil and gas enterprises and two drilling contracting firms (Rex Drilling and O'Brien Drilling) ... all of them family-owned and family managed from headquarters in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The O'Brien Family's exploration, acquisition, development and drilling endeavors thrived through decades of ups and downs of the oil industry. One significant high point came in the South Lake Arthur Field in South Louisiana. A wildcat prospect generated solely by Jones-O'Brien, the South Lake Arthur Field became the largest new onshore natural gas discovery in Louisiana during the 1980's. Family ties to oil and gas also extended another generation when William J. O'Brien III came to work with his father in the late 1970's.

The younger Bill's experience and business acumen were put to the test when William, Jr. unexpectedly passed away in 1983. Bill met the challenges and overcame them. Under Bill's leadership as President and Chief Executive Officer, the family-owned operations re-organized as the O'Brien Operating Company, and continued their successful run in generating and developing new prospects and acquiring producing properties.

Bill O'Brien took his family legacy in oil and gas in a new direction in 1997. Together with friend and co-founder Dr. Pat Peavy, Bill organized and incorporated O'Brien Energy Company with the same vision, determination, and drive his grandfather and father brought to the business in the beginning. The company grew tremendously during the following dozen-plus years, extending the O'Brien name into regions it had never before reached. The company was restructured as O'Brien Resources, LLC, in 2008 but retained the well known brand name O'Brien Energy Company. It also retained its reputation for fairness, integrity, innovation and vision... hallmarks of the O'Brien legacy. After 70 years and three generations, it couldn't do business any other way.