Experience O'Brien Energy Company is directed by a team of executives, geologists, engineers, land specialists & accountants whose expertise is unparalleled in the petroleum industry.

Jack Touchstone - Director, Chief Administrative Officer

Jack Touchstone brings more than three-and-a-half decades of experience in business management, marketing, and sales to his position as Chief Administrative Officer at O'Brien Energy Company.  He serves on the O'Brien Energy Company Board of Directors, holds a position on the company's Business Development Committee and manages and executes day-to-day administrative duties for the company.

In addition to his duties as Board Member and CAO for O'Brien Energy Company, Jack also serves on the Board of Directors of O'BENCO IV,LLC, O'Brien Energy Company's operational arm. Jack had  been actively engaged in the oil and gas industry as a non-operator working interest owner for eleven years prior to his appointment as CAO and election to the boards of O'Brien Energy Company and O'BENCO IV, LLC.

Jack holds a Bachelor of Science in Business from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.